2010 Winner

And The Winner Is………
Matt Brizendine of Indianapolis, Indiana! We called Matt to let him know he won the blue Knucklehead Bobber Museum fundraiser bike, and found him pretty excited. When asked about why he bought the raffle tickets, his tone was serious, “I’ve been buying them for three or four years. I like to support organizations that use the proceeds wisely, especially when it supports museums, places that care for the history of motorcycling and provide a place to display notable motorcycles.” Turns out Matt bought tickets twice, six tickets each time. Matt and his dad like all sorts of machines from model airplanes to street rods and Corvairs, and of course have several motorcycles as well. Given the current weather, Matt may drive out to Iowa to pick up the bike and see the new National Motorcycle Museum. His only visit was right in the middle of the move to the new location the end of June.

“We congratulate Matt and also send our thanks to all of you who support the Museum with your purchase of raffle tickets,” said John Parham, President of the Board. “It’s our most important annual fundraiser.” As with Matt’s experience, maybe after a few years of donating to win, your ticket might be pulled!