1964 Bridgestone Super 7

Compared to contemporary motorcycle designs worldwide, Bridgestones were among the most advanced. While the typical and most common two-stroke engine is a piston port induction design, Bridgestone along with Kawasaki, experimented with a “rotary valve" induction that better controlled intake and exhaust. Bridgestones also incorporated primary Read more

1967 BSA Spitfire Special Mark III

Looking back, British motorcycles were at a peak around 1967. The Triumph Bonneville never looked or ran better, and BSA had refined their unit construction A65 650 twins to sell well in the American market. Soon Norton would release the new Commando. Triumph and BSA offered production racers for dirt track competition; BSA the high or low pipe Read more

1913 Sears DeLuxe Dreadnought Twin

The Sears DeLuxe Dreadnought was built to specifications and featured top quality components. Power came from a 9 horsepower inlet-over-exhaust V-Twin engine sourced from F.W. Spacke Machine Company of Indianapolis. This 70 cubic inch DeLuxe engine, shared by other manufacturers such as Dayton, Eagle, Minneapolis and Crawford carries Fred W. Spacke’s Read more

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