1928 Harley-Davidson Model 28B

From the beginning in 1903, the single cylinder engine was a mainstay for Harley-Davidson and most other motorcycle manufacturers. It was not until 1909 that Harley-Davidson added the V-Twin design. Introduced in 1926, by 1934 these 21.1 and 30.50 cubic inch singles were gone from the lineup. Next up was the Model C as Harley's lightweight followed Read more

Frank Fritz 1967 Harley-Davidson Sprint SS

Frank Fritz of the American Pickers has a very large personal motorcycle collection. This 1967 Harley-Davidson Sprint SS is among his finest so Frank offered it for display at the National Motorcycle Museum. But how did Harley-Davidson come to start selling these Italian made motorcycles? In the 1950’s and 1960’s Americans were introduced Read more

1956 Rumi Scooter

The Italian company, Rumi, made v-twin and parallel twin street and racing motorcycles in the post-World War II era through the early 1960’s. At their height these include the Salmaggi-designed 248cc parallel twin cylinder DOHC racing machines. Rumi’s heyday was in the mid-1950’s with their advanced scooter designs. Most European scooters Read more

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