2013 Motorcycle Giveaway


Win this Bike!


This year Victory Motorcycles kicks off celebration of 15 years of making great V-Twin Cruisers, Baggers and Touring Bikes. Motorcycles with supreme power, great handling and best of all, super sharp styling. But hand a Victory to the Arlen Ness family and the result is even finer. Attention to design, detail and function is what Cory Ness put into the 2013 National Motorcycle Museum fundraiser bike, nearly $10,000 worth on top of the Cross Country’s base price; $2800 in stunning Ness billet Blitz Wheels alone!



Cory selected Lepera to do the upholstery, went to the catalog for a complete complement of Deep Cut Ness goodies, the Muffler Tips, Footpegs, Floorboard Kit, even the License Plate Frame, all custom touches. Derby Cover and Cam Cover are Ness style as well. Look ahead over a Ness XC Flip Windshield, look back at your friends with the Rad 3 Teardrop mirrors and be glad you donated a few bucks to get your chance to win this 2013 Victory Cross Country.



Paint? The Victory really responded well to Cory’s paint scheme. It seems to be moving even when it’s standing still and really sparkles in the sunshine. Side covers carry Arlen and Cory Ness autographs, the fairing, the National Motorcycle Museum logo skillfully incorporated by Cory. The fuel tank seems to flow over 106 cubic inches of polished fin cylinders.


     So if you’d like to be the person that throws a leg over a real autographed Ness creation and powers away on 106 foot pounds of torque delivered by what may be America’s smoothest and best engineered big twin, you’ve got to step up and donate to win. It’s just $5.00 for one chance, or get one free when you donate $25 for six chances. Either way, you could be the person who wins the drawing and rides away on a brand new Victory Cross Country by Cory Ness!

Note: We will confirm your on-line ticket purchase via an email which will list your actual ticket number(s). Your ticket(s) will be put into the drum with other entries, but your actual ticket stubs will not be sent to you.

The drawing for the winner will be held on Dec. 31, 2013. All website electronic entries must be
received no later than Dec. 20, 2013. All mailed entry donations must be received at the Museum by December 31, 2013. You need not be present at the drawing to win. If you include your daytime phone number, we’ll call you if you are the lucky person! Include your email address and we can drop you a note if you win.











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  1. Tim Becker

    yoooooooooo pic me pic me ohhhhhh lol

    1. James Andrew Voag

      How do I register I drag my victory jackpot and could use a powerful cruiser. I am a proud owner of a Victory Jackpot.

      1. marshall

        I’am retired usmc iam I to old to win my victory.??

  2. Justin

    Love your site and the bike has great colors. I hope I have some good luck.

  3. Ed Andrews

    What beautiful bike. i want it, give it to me !!



  5. Vern Anderson

    I want, I want.

  6. russellmoore

    im disabled and my son lofes motorcycles he,ll be 16 in may would be a great birthday present thank you russell moore

  7. russellmoore

    love your magazine im disabled son will be 16 in may would be great present from dad and you guys

  8. Tim McCollum

    It’s gonna have a nice and cozy warm and clean spot in my shop.
    There’s nothing wrong with having another bike to keep my
    Muscle bike company. Right.?. My Bride wouldn’t get to Bitch about me spending more on it then Her. He He. Perfect.

  9. Andy

    Recent divorce. If I win this bike, ICEING on the cake

    1. curt

      AMEN to that.

  10. Richard Moorer

    Look! it’s not luck….. good or bad. if you win it , you are meant to win it. there’s no such thing as LUCK….. good luck to ya. LOL………


      10-4 LOUDER////

    2. Salcmc

      You took the words right of my mouth.

  11. Tony

    I would like to enter but don’t want to give my bank account details to do so :)
    Please offer paypal as an option….I am sure it would increase the participation significantly :)

  12. JW

    No thanks. I don’t work for a circus so I wouldn’t ride it & I doubt I could sell it.

    1. Frank S. Loew

      I don’t know about all the others who read the snide comment’s above, regaurding the free machine to be given away but I for one at a very young age, learned by example from my parent’s that if you can’t say something nice, it’s most often better to not say anything and for the rare time’s that you just can’t help yourself, it’s always much wiser to put your brain in gear, before you put your mouth in action.
      In later year’s, I also learned as you should have by now, not to let my mouth overload my ass as you have done!

      1. Ryder

        Well said! I you cant appreciate it, and its clear you have nothing nice to say. Shut the #$% up!!

    2. Terry McGee

      Nobody made you examine it in detail now did they!

    3. Gary

      The tongue is among one of the things man can not tame. Why would this gentleman even comment like this. Sometimes we just need to keep negative comments to ourself.

  13. gary conn

    its a freakin polaris for crap sakes

    1. John Paskey

      Riding a VTX 1300R tricked out bagger which I love, but oh would I love to put my leg over this great American made scoot. Not to mention the money goes to keep the museum thriving. Boogedy Boogedy Boogedy boys, let’s go get it!

  14. Bill

    looks like the motor cycle version of the shitty-shitty bang-bang! The Ness’s do not impress me either.
    They are over rated.
    You pay for the name like high priced tennis shoes. No Thanks!

    1. Mark


      1. LUCKY RIDER

        DITTO DATT DOGG/////////////

      2. Ryder

        Mark an Bill are crazy people. Don’t listen to them y’all.

  15. bobby powell ( rainmaker)

    would love to own it,it would have a good home and would make all the rallies that i make,love you guys and the mag

  16. marcel

    who in there right mind would even waste 5 dollars on a piece of shit like a Victory, they r junk, do not hold value at all and are ugly look like what japan would build

    1. John Paskey

      Come on will you…I’m 60 and been riding 44 years. Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Harley and now again Honda. When will we learn that the passion within us (motorcycles) burns deep no matter what we ride. United we stand divided we fall.

      1. Gary

        Well said, John.

        1. Laurence

          Let those who ride decide, if you’re in the wind I don’t care if you’re on a metric, German, or Snowmobile, at least you ride.

          Like John, I been riding for 40 + years, currently own a 2007 – 103″ garage rebuilt Night Train (HD).

          And I sure as Hell would be proud to ride the Texas Hill Country on that Ness creation.

          If some of you are looking for a fight, leave fellow riders alone and focus on the freedom stealers in D.C !!

    2. Frank Foy

      I used to say the same thing, then my brother bought a Vegas low. WOW. Smoother than a Harley, faster than a Harley, and last but not least cheaper than a Harley. Buy the way I own a 09 road glide,07 sportster roadster,and 04 turbo busa so yes I can afford the insurance and bike of my choice. Next hot rod bike Victory!!!

    3. Dan

      Yea Marcel I agree. I wouldn’t want to win it for $5 and then turn around and sell it for 30K and buy the bike of my choice. That would make me look and feel like a real dumb ass pussy owning this bike for a few days.

    4. Steve

      Well, unfortunately for you marcel, Victory Motorcycles are the only true American designed, made, and built, mass production motorcycles in the country. Harley Davidson (which I do happen to like, as well as all other brands too) is only just over half American made. It has to be 51+ % made in America, to be considered “American made”, and that’s all HD’s are…51%. Vic’s are over 90% made in U.S. There are many Japanese parts on HD bikes including, but not limited to, the front AND rear suspension (Showa company of Japan), which is a big part of a bike. There are also many parts made in China and India on a HD. The Vic motors are a much better designed engine in every way. They require WAY less maintenance though the years, and have much more torque and horsepower right out of the box. And also, are designed and built (according to the dealer) to run up to 300,000 miles before a rebuild is required. They also have 90% less seals and gaskets, that can go bad and leak (See video on YouTube). They have much better designed, maintenance free transmissions which uses the filtered engine oil as trans oil, that gets changed every 3,000-5,000 miles automatically, when engine oil is changed… As far as holding value, it’s too soon for big demand to be there to drive up values, but give it another 10-20 years and they’ll be there. Harley-Davidson values have been coming down quite a bit in the last 15 years or so. Plus, HD made a mistake by flooding the market with lots of bikes. Now, there are more bikes than there is demand, which drives values down. I remember when you used to have to be on a waiting list to get one. Not anymore. Victory isn’t flooding the market, so values will rise… Oh btw, Polaris also owns Indian Motorcycles. They now can say that they have America’s oldest (1901), and newest (1998) motorcycles! Congrats Victory, for building the best looking, best handling, and best designed bikes in the world!!! Keep moving forward…

    5. Jeff

      I have a garage full of Harleys but i bet i could find a spot for this great looking machine,heck have any of you Harley owners traded lately,you take a “bath” every time,hold their value only when your the dealer !!!!!

  17. rick

    nice bike be nice to have to travel the country with for a year or more someone going to be very happy and hopefully aprecatied

  18. Edwin Robles

    Looking for a nice bike that I can take a lone wolf ride too visit the states. Wish me luck.

  19. philly

    Seriously people, one person thinks because he is disabled he will
    win because maybe they will rig the drawing for him.
    A couple of others write “pick me, pick me”
    What rock did you people crawl out from under?
    Pay for the tickets to support a great cause.

    1. S D Joe

      No shit!! It’s Freaking unbelievable to me. Where the F*&$ did they grow up at??

  20. Leroy Downs

    Nice bike, great cause. Haven’t had the opportunity to make it to the museum but hopefully someday my daughter and I will. Great opportunity to help out. Good luck to all of those that have donated, hopefully someone will get the bike that really could use and enjoy it.

  21. Mary

    I bought tickets 3 weeks ago and still haven’t received them. Tried to contact but site has no contact info. Just keeps sending me back to order. ANY SUGGESTIONS !

    1. Dan

      Mary call the museum. They are really nick very kind people and will help you out.

  22. Willy from Philly

    Personally; it does not look like its even made in the states. I kinda liked some of the victories before I saw that clown machine. The people that would like that are really young and they dont have the money to even insure it. The others have more money than they can spend. Give Jay Leno a call. Maybe he will add it to his collection of vehicles. As for me, I wil stick to a bike that looks like I have a pair swinging down under.

  23. XC Victory Girl

    My husband and I have been to the museum and it is awesome! Sounds like some of these replies have overlooked the fact that this is a donation to the museum. If you don’t like how it looks, donate it back. Who knows, maybe they will keep it and display it with your name on it! If you ever go and visit the museum, I’m pretty sure then you’ll understand. It’s huge with so much history and interesting displays. Plan on spending most of a day to see it all.

  24. butch

    just got my vision,best ride i have ever had ,been riding 50 yrs. every bike here and over there. my friends are ragging me about it and calling me george jetson ,i tell them i can’t hear you catch up then we will talk about expensive new antiques..love em all,give to the museum,dude.

    1. Steve

      Congrats butch! I bought my Vision in 2010. The absolute best handling, most comfortable bike I’ve ever owned or rode! If they rode it, they would understand. But, they are probably too close minded to even do that. It’s just such a blast to ride. It may have very wild looks, but damn is it fun to ride. I cant stress that enough. And thats what riding a motorcycle is all about. Its not just about riding a motorcycle that looks like you went back in time, into the 40′s, and brought a bike back with ya into the here and now. I got ragged on a little bit too, but whenever I asked any of them to “line ‘em up” with me, they won’t do it… Guess it would be embarrassing for them to get beat by “George Jetson” Haha… But seriously, most people really like it, wherever I go. They say it takes a person with a “real pair hanging down there” to ride something that isn’t the same ‘ole, same ‘ole. It’s also nice to easily be able to find my bike in a sea of black HD street glides. They rely on me to find where we parked amongst all the bikes that look the same…Including their own. Talk about individuality, or lone wolf. We are, they are not!

  25. robert ramirez

    i hope i winn

  26. Kenneth

    the first time i ever saw a victory it was all custom work had been done on it.That had too be the best looking bike that i have seen that took very little work to change it to a custom made low rider buy a owner in his machine shop.I have had 11 back operations and tried one for a road test and felt i could ride a bike again for a good ride and still get off and walk.The ride of the bike is much better for me than any other bike i have ridden.If i was not on a fixed income i would own one and see the world the way i want is on a bike with me and my wife.

  27. Harry Pennington

    Just look at the builders name’ this would make the Victory the best an most beautiful bike on the roar.

    Harry Pennington

  28. fazendodinheiro.com

    I am regular visitor, how are you everybody? This article
    posted at this website is truly fastidious.

  29. Jag

    This is a nice bike,may suck that it can not go out of the U.S.A, but its great to be an AMERICAN! Some of us are damn proud of that! I believe you are happy about your background and we are too! I’m Shure you all have some things that you do and we don’t ! And we think all the men and woman putting there lives on the line to make keep us safe! So let’s not turn this into a hate thing, there is enough of that in the world today! Love the bike! Good luck to everybody. And to all riders, be safe out there!

  30. Jag

    Oops! We all thank the men and woman fighting for us! Ask The Lord to keep watch over them all!

  31. twisted

    Nice looking bike hope someone that needs a bike wins it


  32. steve waters

    i have a 99 v92 that i love except hard to find parts ,i am convinced and my next bike will be a victory i think yall make a fine bike. thank you and ride safe

    1. Carlos

      hey, I got the same bike, black, wanna buy it?

  33. Ken Weaver

    Please add an option to purchase via PayPal……….If added, I will purchase @ $25 every year going forward.

    1. cush

      As per Iowa Section 99B.17 we can only accept personal checks, money orders,
      or electronic checks for entry donations. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  34. William M. Doyle

    Victory Motorcycles are the bomb. I have lucky to test ride almost all of their models. At first I wasn’t that impressed, but as they grew they really improved.
    The only thing I have against the model offered, is the the color. Other than that I would be honored to ride this quality machine. By the way, my current ride is a BMW 2004 R1150RT. Be well and ride safe.

  35. Charles Barrett

    My loving girlfriend and I love ride more than anything in this world. Second only to the love we have our kids. I’m a 54 year old male that has finally found a woman that knows how to love a man. And I thank God everyday for you miss Dawn Hensley and all the love u have given me both on and off our how. life is so much better with u in it my love. and to win this bike would be a dream cone true for us night. thank u so much. J & P CYCLES For the opportunity to try and win this bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Karl

    Maybe I’m missing it, but is there no way to pay with a credit card online?

    1. cush

      As per Iowa Section 99B.17 we can only accept personal checks, money orders,
      or electronic checks for entry donations. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  37. PAUL H.


  38. ronnie

    No thanks dont like victor

  39. papasloane

    I keep meaning to donate every year, but always run in to the same problem. NO Paypal or even credit card service. Why don’t you accept these? You would get so much more in donations. Sorry, I would have loved to win this bike.

    1. Motormark

      It is a bit difficult to donate for chances on the Victory, but Iowa law forbids the use of any “credit device” for purchase of tickets; credit cards and PayPal both fit into that category. So the Museum offers payment by check (send us $25 or $5 and your name and address), eCheck or debit card.

      We appreciate your support! This is the Museum biggest single source of operating funds.

    2. cush

      As per Iowa Section 99B.17 we can only accept personal checks, money orders,
      or electronic checks for entry donations. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  40. James Andrew Voag

    Hardly a Davidson, been ripping off Americans for four decades, if it does not have a kick start than its Hardly a Harley, Go Victory the real American motorcycle.

    1. Chucky

      10-4, check out comparison videos on u-tube, then make educated decision

  41. James Andrew Voag

    I drag race my victory vegas jackpot, I came in four out of 30 motorcycles.6.6 best time in 8th. This was bracket racing. I would have came in 2nd 0r 3rd if I did not jump the green last race. I love my bike I been riding since 1967 and I have not found a more powerfull street cruiser with the best center of gravity than a victory. I have a 2006, victory vegas jackpot. It turns a lot of heads on the track and on the road.

  42. mark ebert

    the bike to be given away is a beauty victory has came on very strong due to the ness family they are a popular bike in my area and any would be proud to be the knew owner the tickets are cheap and the bike will be a collecter in time the money going to the museum is a great deal i have been and toured the museum
    any biker i urge go visit it you will not be sorry

  43. john deemer

    count me in please pick my name and make me a winner ..

  44. john deemer

    I want to win . please pick me .

  45. steven howlett

    I want it…

  46. William D. Aikens II

    I have admired this bike for a while and I would love to own one!!

  47. Alan

    I sent my check for the raffle, but I didn’t receive an acknowledgement. I guess I won’t be winning, or ever donating again.

  48. Dvious

    To everyone trash talking this bike and throwing around ‘I want a bike with balls’ bs… What are you talking about? I’ve been riding twenty six years now and still can’t afford a used Sportster, much less some tricked out custom bagger! Are you really that wealthy and spoiled?
    I get by fine on 80′s Japanese bikes, and often out ride Harley counterparts by thousands of miles a year (my bike works fine in the rain and cold, it’s my only form of transportation).
    I don’t have the extra funds to donate to this fine museum this year, but I thank them, and Arlen Ness both for providing inspiration, and the stuff of dreams!


    What an ugly bike. Things have changed for marketing, just put a jap name on it and give it to the new class of motorcycle riders. I would not wan them to ride a Harley anyway.

  50. Jason law

    I would love to have this bike

  51. Bill

    I would love to win this in memory of my brother

  52. Robert Szczepanek

    Need new bike just had $ 3.000.00 work done on my 1997 fatboy drove it 2000 miles to breakin motor now it needs new cases head bolts pulled out.I drove Harleys all my life been looking at victorys never heard bad thing about them I would to own won.

  53. Mark d Smith

    Make me a winer

  54. lewis baker

    I never win anything I help everyone around me except me but that’s how the world is to be atleast it was when I was a kid now I’m 48 and the world changed

  55. Philip Lozano

    I would love to win this bike. I have had Harley Davidson’s all my life. I am 57 yrs old now. And I have never bought or road a brand new bike. I would love to take my wife and this bike for a long putt!!!

  56. Eric West Coast

    This beautiful baby comes to me and we will find the best time to ride on the street…

  57. mike tomasula


  58. Big Ox Tom

    I’m about to make my fourth donation to this museum this year. It will again be over the phone by electronic check. It is slightly more difficult than plastic, but I feel if you can’t handle that, you probably can’t handle this beautiful motorcycle either. Leave it for us riders. The posers walk

  59. Brandon Young

    Would love to add this bike to my garage. Been looking at those XCs for a bit now, but just can’t afford one. Glad to donate to the museum this year again, and even if I win or not, I’m hoping to ride out to the museum this coming summer!

  60. Bill Murphy

    I sent a U.S. Postal Money Order made out to ‘the National Motorcycle Museum specifically labeled “2013 Arlen Ness Victory Cross Country” Drawing’ to dated ’1113-11-01′, & mailed that same day from San Francisco,CA.,with my complete return address.Please email me to confirm receipt.I’ve always had Harley Davidsons & I’ve heard good things about Victory motorcycles.(I wouldn’t mind checkin’ out one of those new 2014 Indian Chief Vintage rides either!)

  61. Paul

    I had a dream that I won this bike. The next day, my son told me he had the same dream that I had won it. I sure hope it comes true!

  62. Michal

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