1928 Brough 680 OHV

Brough motorcycles were described in period literature, and advertising, as the “Rolls Royce of Motorcycles.” Big, touring quality motorcycles with large, by British standards, v-twin engines and nice details like the nickel-plated fuel tanks and leather tool kits, Broughs were at the top of British two-wheeled designs. George Brough, pronounced Read more

1911 Flying Merkel Twin Board Track Racer

As you can see by close study of this rare, unrestored original paint example, Joseph Merkel sought to build a very lightweight simple racing motorcycle, one that could conquer the newly constructed board tracks and the dirt tracks of the era. Though Merkels were among the most innovative of early motorcycle designs, Merkel chose to leave off this Read more

1909 Harley-Davidson Single Police Motorcycle

Five years into real production, about 1200 Harley-Davidson singles were produced in 1909. Most were battery equipped for coil and points ignition rather than using a magneto. A year of modernization, 1909 is when controls for the throttle and spark advance became cables routed through the handlebar rather than bellcrank-type linkage used until that Read more

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