1969 Kawasaki F21M “Green Streak”

About the same time Yamaha introduced the DT-1 and offered a GYT Kit to convert it to a decent motocrosser, Kawasaki released to the American market its first semi-serious off-road bike. Kawasaki intended the F21M for TT and flat track racing, but soon it showed up on motocross tracks and in desert racing in California as well. Typical of two-strokes Read more

1969 Benelli Buzzer

Before the early 1970’s there weren’t many light weight motorcycles with low seat heights. Even Hummers, Whizzers and most scooters had 25 inch or more seat heights, so kids had to wait until they grew to over five feet tall or so to learn to ride. But backyard mechanics, sometimes aided by plans and kits found in magazines like Popular Mechanics, Read more

1970 Harley-Davidson Rapido ML-125S

Owning controlling interest in the established Italian motorcycle manufacturer Aermacchi gave Harley-Davidson a wide range of small and middleweight, "entry level" machines for their line-up, including 50cc and 125cc two-strokes. This version of the Rapido is a handsome lightweight two-stroke with off-road or “enduro” styling popular in America Read more

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