1936 Harley-Davidson VLD

Following the successful “J” models, the first Harley-Davidson “VL’s” appeared mid-year in 1929. Unfortunately this was two months before the stock market crash and the new motorcycles had a few mechanical problems. The “V” model is a true flathead, otherwise known as a “side-valve,” an improvement over the J as was its new frame. Here Read more

1969 BSA A65L Lightning

In the mid-1950’s BSA won the first five positions at the Daytona 200 on the beach and were on top; BSA was then the World’s Largest Selling Motorcycle. Though BSA was competitive in dirt track and road racing events, Triumph began to overtake in sales numbers though all British makers were suffering from a lack of technology and design innovation Read more

1909 Thor Torpedo Tank Racer

As early as 1910 banked oval board tracks were being constructed in big American cities, most used primarily for auto racing. Much like NASCAR, starting around 1909, the promoting organization arranged to travel groups of race car teams and motorcycle teams from town to town and put on racing events we all wish we could go back and witness live. Read more

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