See Pin-Stripers Collaborate in a Panel Jam; Vintage Rally 2015 Feature

In creating a painting on canvas, it's unheard of that several artists work to create one finished piece, but that's what a Panel Jam is all about. Taking a bare painted piece like a helmet or a square of sheet metal, the work begins. Artist one does a layout, then with a special pin-striping brush, and carefully prepared paint, lays on some pinstripes. Read more

Featured Motorcycle, Ron Finch “Trilogy.”

Story by Paul d'Orleans, Curator, CHOPPER STORY Exhibit Taking the chopper ball, and running like hell. The word ‘legend’ is tossed around lightly these days, and any surviving OG chopper dude probably deserves the tag, but Ron Finch is one of few builders from the earliest years of the chopper who is truly legendary. Following his own muse, Read more

Neon Bright; A New Sign at the Museum

Not everything at the National Motorcycle Museum is motorcycle-focused; you may get some surprises. Take the new plumbing sign, for example. Animated, it's a great example of how signs are used to capture the attention of passers by. This large neon sign, graciously donated to the National Motorcycle Museum by Neil Gadbury, was just installed and is Read more

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