1927 Indian Scout 45

A Design of Charles Franklin's, One of Indian's Best Motorcycles The Indian Scout was one of Indian's best designs on the street and track. Its design was the work of Charles Franklin. Franklin became most famous for his work on Indian's 42 degree V-Twins including the Chief. The first Scouts appeared in 1920 as 37 cubic inch motorcycles, later became Read more

1912 Henderson Four

Though 100 years ago dozens of motorcycle brands in America, England, Japan and Europe made machines that served as simple and economical transportation, some makers focused on luxury or performance. Four cylinder engines offered smooth power and in the early years could be built up to about 1000cc's. Smoothness, horsepower and torque resulted, Read more

1930 Scott Flying Squirrel

Two-Stroke water-cooled Scott motorcycles were manufactured in England from 1909 through the 1950's, a period dominated by four-stroke engine power from dozens of manufacturers. A force on British and European racing circuits, Scott foretold the two-stroke-led revolution that would hit in the 1960's and culminate with the Yamaha TZ750, the water-cooled Read more

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