Tech Tip of the Month: Check Your Fuel System, Repair Gasoline Leaks Before “Firing Up”

Gasoline is really a marvelous liquid. Without its propensity to explode under compression with a tiny spark, our motorcycles would not run. But that same liquid leaking from a fuel line connection, petcock or carburetor can be deadly. If the fuel hits a hot exhaust pipe, or trickles into a cavity holding ignition points, a fire is likely. If the Read more

Featured Motorcycle 1913 Sears De Luxe Dreadnought Twin

Sears, Roebuck, the once giant Chicago-based chain of department stores, and mail order cataloger, first added a motorcycle to its offerings in 1912. Given that their catalog sales were the lifeline to remote, sparsely populated areas of the country, their product had to be simple, tough and easily maintained by novices. The Sears De Luxe Twin, like Read more

History of the Chopper: Bikes Wanted!

The first comprehensive history of a century of American customs has just been released - ‘The Chopper: the Real Story’ – and museum staff are working with author/curator Paul d’Orleans to create a new exhibit based on his research. Paul is a well-known writer (‘The Ride’, ‘Café Racers’, plus and curator (most Read more

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