How Many Survive?

With the total count fast approaching 500 motorcycles, the National Motorcycle Museum displays around 100 racing machines. They range from rare factory-built Board Track racers from around 1915 to 1920 all the way up to the fine, relatively modern Elmer Trett Mountain Magic drag bike, even a couple of Buells. So few race bikes survive; outdated, Read more

The World’s Fastest Bagger

If you visit the National Motorcycle Museum before next May, 2017, chances are you'll enjoy walking through the Allstate Motorcycle STREAMLINERS exhibit, presented by J&P Cycles. About 18 land speed record motorcycles and some artifacts and labels will help you understand this form of competition. There's even a 12 page book that shows all the Read more

1931 Henderson Special, the Pinnacle of Henderson Design

While the V-Twin engine layout was most popular among the big American motorcycle manufactures, a good number also designed and built in-line fours.   In a sense the OHV French designs from FN as early as 1905 were examples to follow, though American Fours were larger, heavyweight flagship road machines for the most part. Harley-Davidson never Read more

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