Motorcycle Cannonball Update Final Wrap Up!

From our intrepid rider Matt:


“Saturday was the last long day of the Cannonball and we did about 240 miles on some great roads.  Lots of great sweepers and again I was dragging the floorboards, having a great ride. We had dinner at Michael’s Harley-Davidson in Cotati (California) that night and that was a good time, too.”
“I did get stung by a bee, Saturday, did the treatment  thing with the Epi pen. But then I got stung by a wasp, too. A guy took me to a local clinic and I got a steroid shot and Benadryl because I am really allergic to insect stings. With all that I was late to the closing party. But time wise I did make it in OK, with just 30 seconds to spare.”
“Sunday, the last day was pretty intense. It was only 90 miles but at the end we’d be riding in down town San Francisco traffic and doing some pretty monster hills in town, dicing with traffic. I got a late start, and after a ways stopped to help a couple of guys on the run having some JD problems. I helped them diagnose the problem, but then got back on the road.”
“Then we got into really steep grades, steepest of the entire ride, the toughest day on the trip, really. I was at the back of the pack with my earlier stop and going up a huge hill. I could smell the clutch frying. It wasn’t shifting too well, so maybe plates were warping. I had a choice of risking outright clutch failure close to the end of the ride or losing a few points, loading the bike and getting a ride to the final group shot at the Golden gate Bridge, a cool panorama photo Mike Lichter made. So I pulled over and we loaded the bike to run down the road for the photo.”
“But then after the photo it was back on our bikes for another 25 miles with an escort by the San Francisco Motorcycle Club and the CHP. Traffic was dense, lots of riders on the road. A bit insane. We all made it to Dud Perkins Harley-Davidson and I was as tired as at any time on the trip, maybe from the stress of those last miles.”
“Perkins threw a great party, might have had even more folks at the shop than we had when we left Newburgh. It was great. Friends from all over California came to see us there at the end.”
“In the beginning I mentioned I might change the gearing on the bike, running lower gearing which would have helped on the big hills at the end. But in the end it would also have been good to use 74 inch flywheels, get more power with greater stroke.  But it was still a lot of fun. I will do the next Cannonball, but maybe try and have more motor.”
“Everybody feels great about the ride I got to talk with. Lonnie did an amazing job putting it all together. Many thanks to him and his crew.”

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