Motorcycle Cannonball Update Day 5/Day6: On to the Indian Factory – Heading to Murdo

The riders, well fed and patched up after their trip to the National Motorcycle Museum from Milwaukee, headed out to the northern edge of Iowa.


Chase vehicle drivers were invited to Indian’s new assembly plant in Sprit Lake , Iowa, just down the road from the overnight stop at the Inn at lake Okoboji.  Indian was on hand at the Inn with a great display of their latest bikes and some very classy apparel reflecting the marque’s long heritage. Dinner was excellent.
While this stop was just a standard overnight, even at 11pm that night half a dozen riders had their bikes somewhat torn apart seeking to fix problems, large and small. Our man Matt’s JD Harley Davidson got its usual; tighten and lube the primary chain, adjust the final drive chain, drain oil from the sump, look for “particles”, adjust valves, top up oil (and gas!). Matt got down the road a piece to Murdo, Iowa and got to test out his auxiliary gas can, but then made it to the next regularly scheduled gas stop.
Michael Lichter got to meet up with his buddies and ours, the Gilmore brothers, Slider, Tator and Charlie pose for a photo.
From Spirit Lake it was on To Murdo, SD.  The ride had started to take it’s toll on bikes by this point – only 52 bikes were running at the start of Stage 6 – and the mountains were still to come!
From Felicia Morgan, the head of PR for the Motorcycle Cannonball:

There are some days that stand out as remarkable simply because of the weather and ease of the ride, or the scenery, or because the engine seems to purr. This day would not be one of those. The wind kicked our collective asses. There were miles of long flat roads through cornfields and small farms just as route master John Classen had promised during his pre-rides, but the boredom he suggested never settled in. The wind whipped across the fields with a vengeance, building in strength as we crossed the state.

I was a passenger with Joe Sparrow for this day. We stopped by every rider who was on the side of the road to be sure they were ok. As we pulled over for Claudio Femiano, rider #9 from Italy, he was putting fuel from a gas can into his bike and we asked how he was doing. With wild gestures from waving arms, the frustrated European declared, “This wind….it is every where!” Which gave us a bit of a chuckle. He was right; it was a determined wind that pushed riders around and it raged the entire 279-miles.

The Mason City Harley-Davidson dealer hosted lunch and the picnic lunch out under the canopy was a welcome respite from the elements. The sun was hot, the sodas were cold and the food was tasty. For Irma Vils, wife of rider #13 Mike Vils, it was a small lunch since her plate was whipped off the table and is probably in Canada by now.

The staff of dealership was warm, hospitable, and very interested in the vintage bikes that graced their parking lot. There were much fewer guys twisting wrenches for this meal, instead just adjusted fluid levels and tightened up assorted pieces n’ parts and were off into the wind once more.

The evening stop at The Inn at Okoboji was a great treat for everyone. The folks at Indian Motorcycles came out and threw out all the stops for the Cannonballers. With a live band playing on the black top, riders wrenched and visited with well-wishing spectators as the tunes drifted through the property and out across the beautiful blue lake. Some riders chose to take a dip in the pool instead of getting greasy.

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