Motorcycle Cannonball Update Day 3: Don’t Miss The Ferry!

The trip from Sandusky, OH to Milwaukee, WI and the Harley Davidson Museum was a tough one.  A long day with a full 300 miles and a ferry that wouldn’t wait for man or machine.  This meant that this wasn’t a day for bike fixing if something went awry – bikes were picked up and trailered if there were issues that weren’t immediately repairable.

A pile of bikes ready to get on the ferry!

The really tough part about the day was rider #40, Bill Buckingham, who was the victim of an inattentive driver who made a left turn in front of Bill.  The bike was pretty savagely beaten as was Bill, but he was given a relatively clean bill of health from the hospital and with the help of friends and other riders his mashed up bike was back on the road.

Bill said, “It isn’t pretty but I’m running!! I’m gonna make it the whole way. You know, this is the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. I am having a blast!”  We’re glad to hear it Bill and glad to know you’re ok!

Willie G greeting riders at the H-D Museum!

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