Motorcycle Cannonball Update Day 12-15: Idaho to California

It’s all starting to become a blur for the riders at this point.  So much riding and repairing going on that they barely know where they are, just that they are going in the right direction.  Here are some notes and pictures from Stages 12-15 from our intrepid rider Matt Olsen.
Thursday, September 20:
“It’s been really great riding in Oregon. Amazing scenery, and these desert areas ……. so desolate. I just have never seen anything like them. The bike is running great. No problems. I’m still doing the chains every night and checking the sump for the magic four ounces of oil. We get into San Francisco Sunday so just Friday and Saturday are long days with Sunday set at 93 miles getting down to Dud Perkins Harley-Davidson for the end ceremonies and such, so we are getting really close.”
“Some guys that had trouble with their bikes the first half of the ride are now rolling along OK. It just took sorting them out, something they didn’t have time for before the event started. Some of these guys are from so far away, Japan, Australia, they had to give up their bikes maybe a month ago to get them shipped here. But anyway it’s good they are not having to wrench on them so much. They get to enjoy the ride more. “
“Scott Jacobs has a beautiful Harley similar to what I’m riding. Steve Huntzinger built it, and he’s the best, no doubt. But today the float broke in his carb and so even he was down for awhile. I have a carb he might use, or he can probably find a float. We all wish him well getting his bike going.”
“Joe Gardella had some bad luck with his 1914 Harley magneto,” says Matt. “The original one took a dump, then the one he replaced it with only ran for about half an hour and quit, needed adjustment.  It was fun to work in a fourteen twin in a ditch, and it felt good to help my friend out. ”
Gardella is in second place with the motorcycle age as a bonus, and tied with about 19 other riders with perfect scores. Our man Matt Olsen is in 30th place down about 200 points after a couple of mechanical problems, but running strong these last few days.
Stage 14: Klamath Falls, Oregon to Fortuna, California _

“Man we’ve been on the road 14 days and it’s getting to be a bit of a blur. Not sure what day of the week it is, just on this mission to ride the Cannonball to San Francisco.”
“The bike’s still running really great. Scenery in Oregon was awesome, so different, the desert and mountains, really neat scenery. I found myself a bit too wrapped up in it stopping to take so many pictures I got in right before deadline today. Just barely made it in in time. Tomorrow is only 240 miles to Cotati, California then Sunday we run down to Perkins Harley-Davidson in San Francisco,only about 90 miles and celebrate.”


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  2. JT

    The legend in his own mind Joe Gardella probably rode coast to coast with NO DRIVER’S LICENSE. He hasn’t had a legit one for years, and carries a couple of bogus cards just in case. Do an image search on his name; you’ll see his mugshots from being arrested two times in Florida “Driving While License Suspended”….

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