Motorcycle Cannonball Update Day 0: Pre-launch

Matt astride the National Motorcycle Museum’s 1928 Harley-Davdison JD just after another test ride.

Tomorrow marks the first day of the Motorcycle Cannonball – when 70+ riders from all around the world hurtle across the country on their iron steeds of decades past. Our friend Matt Olsen will be riding the Museum’s 1928 Harley-Davidson JD.


An awful lot of planning goes into an event like this one.  You’ve got entrants from countries all around the world and you’ve got to coordinate lodging and route planning for the riders and their support crews.  Well over 6 months went into the build of our bike and all the trials and tribulations that came with it, but the day is finally here that we’re finishing registration and ready to see this sweet bike off across the country!

Artist Scott Jacobs’ 1926 Harley.

We’re excited to see all the riders as they stop at the Museum on September 10th – You can come out and catch them between 4:30-6:30 PM as they pull in, eat, and make any necessary repairs.  Let them regale you with stories, check out the amazing bikes, and take in motorcycle history in action for this once in a lifetime chance!

Scott Jacobs’ Harley after an unfortunate “fuel-in-oil tank” mixup.

While you’re at it you can get some Motorcycle Cannonball memorabilia to remember the massive two week journey these amazing people are undertaking.


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