Giving Tuesday

With all the talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday you may have missed the new kid in town – Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday was started by a group of organizations and companies bent on giving back when and where they could.  We’re big supporters of this because we know how difficult it can be to achieve your goals without support from the outside.  Here at the National Motorcycle Museum all of our operating budget to pay bills, pay employees, and acquire and maintain all the cool bikes and memorabilia comes from the donations, purchases, and contributions of our visitors, friends, and members.  Below is a message from John Parham, founder of J&P Cycles and president of the National Motorcycle Museum:


Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday. 

We hope you have a few nickels left to finish your holiday shopping! And if you do, consider a gift to the National Motorcycle Museum, a non-profit that really only thrives when motorcycle lovers support it.

Your donation will help create the new dirt track racing exhibit opening next May, bring together scooters for a new scooter display and also transport various motorcycles on loan from collectors all across America loaning their bikes for display.

Just click below and take a minute to send over any amount you feel comfortable with;  $10.00, $25.00, $50.00…any amount helps us keep the exhibits fresh and interesting so you can enjoy them on your next visit.


John Parham
President, National Motorcycle Museum

PS If it’s easier, you can call us at 319 462 3925 and make a donation with a credit or debit card.

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