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Vincent Power, Ducati Handling in a Father and Son Project


While most would consider Sid Biberman a highly skilled motorcycle technician, a tuner and drag bike builder and racer, he was also a savvy motorcycle design analyst. He could look at a motorcycle design and deduce whether it was something special or just another motorcycle. In his youth after tinkering with a Whizzer motorbike, then …

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Diesel Military Motorcycle Helps Keep the Peace


The Military Specification 2004 Hayes-DT M1030-M1 Started Life as a Kawasaki KLR650 Dressed in desert camouflage paint, and disguised behind a military code name, “M1030-M1”, this Haynes-DT machine is actually a Kawasaki KLR650 with a diesel engine. Hayes Diversified Technologies of Hesperia, California saw the potential in the KLR for conversion Read more

Streamlining, the Height of Bicycle Design?


75 Bicycles are on display at the National Motorcycle Museum; Boneshakers, Ordinaries, Safety Bicycles, tricycles, even a few Sting Rays. When you visit the 75 piece bicycle collection at the Museum you’ll see some amazing two-wheelers, some pre-1900. And this week from the collection we bring you a styling masterpiece from 1938. The Depression Read more

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