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Cannonball History: 1914 Harley-Davidson Twin Two-Speed


2016 marks the fourth running of the Lonnie Isam-invented cross-country Motorcycle Cannonball, and it ends in California, Sunday September 25. Appropriately, machines being ridden this year needed to be made in 1916 or earlier. Looking back to the first Cannonball in 2010, this 1914 Harley-Davidson twin was ridden by Jeffrey Decker, sponsored by Read more

1921 Harley-Davidson Board Track Racer


After about seven racing seasons Harley-Davidson’s factory racing program was going strong. In 1921 a Harley team rider managed an average speed of over 100 miles per hour on the Fresno, California Board Track and was the first ever to do so. Board track racers, as you can see, are made to be light and …

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1930 Douglas T6


Douglas, a brand not widely imported into America, innovated well beyond the “big three” British manufacturers. Their well detailed opposed twins like the T-6 were remarkably smooth and noted for dependability. Some later models like the T35S, also on display in the National Motorcycle Museum, used sophisticated torsion bar suspensions. William Read more

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