Bertha ‘Biker’ Dog Memorial Ride – June 24, 2018


Bertha “Biker” Dog and Her 2004 Harley XL883

“Dog is Man’s Best Friend” has been spoken for centuries; it’s a symbiotic relationship, dogs need us to survive, yet many of us find that we need them almost as much. In the case of Bertha, the dog very much loved Man, especially those men and women who ride motorcycles. Dedicated to making Bertha, a 200 pound English Mastiff, part of almost every event they attended in Iowa, Gene and Beverly West acquired this great Harley-Davidson XL883, bored it to 1200 cc’s. They added the sidecar and had the rig artistically custom painted. Bev and Bertha took great joy in riding for charities and in support of the American Military.

Bertha owned the sidecar position and traveled out to meets like Thunder Nites in Newton, Iowa and was the official mascot to BDADD, Biker Dads Against Drunk Driving. For years Bertha has had over 23,000 followers posting on her Facebook page. Bertha was a true member of the biking world. In the past few years she added custom car people to her circle of friends and became well known throughout the motorcycle and car world, loved by thousands. Walking up to her sidecar rig at an event, you’d see her dressed in her biker vest, happily accepting pets and scratches. Sadly the biker world lost Bertha on October 5, 2017, but her memory, and her sidecar rig will live on, as her family donated the Sportster sidecar rig to the National Motorcycle Museum collection.

Bertha the “Biker” Dog Memorial Ride – Coming to the Museum!

Bertha’s loving family will be having Memorial ride for Bertha ‘Biker’ Dog on June 24, 2018. This will include both motorcycles and cars and will be going to the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa Iowa.

The National Motorcycle Museum has Bertha’s Sidecar Rig on display out in the front foyer along with several items of Bertha memorabilia – such as her custom made collar and leather vest and a great photo display.

Go to the Facebook page at Bertha ‘Biker’ Dog Memorial Ride and get more information.