An American First: Riders Admitted to Indy Dealer Show



     Most motorcyclists and ATV riders crave information on the latest tuning parts, accessories and apparel, even helpful shop equipment. So when it was announced that anyone attending the brand new Indianapolis Progressive International Motorcycle Show on Sunday, February 17 would be admitted free to the DealerNews PowerSports Expo happening right next door, Sunday show attendance spiked.
     The “dealer show” has been taking place for over 25 years but the general motorcycling public has always been barred from entry; it’s for dealers only. Sure, if you surf the J&P Cycles catalog, or scan websites for “Harley FXR seats” or “aluminum saddlebags” or “motorcycle service stands” it’s out there somewhere. But how about walking about 500,000 square feet of the latest product, about 900 vendors showing product you can handle, compare, ask a factory rep about? This is the way the big bike shows are set up in Europe, and it’s great Advanstar Communications and all the vendors have stepped up to let everybody take a look at the cutting edge goodies for our favorite sport.

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  1. Stormy

    This makes so much sense! The vendors get to hear from the folks spending the money. Up to now they have relied on the “dealers” (“stealers”) to tell them what motorcyclists need/want. I’ve been riding for nearly 50 years and I’ve never had a dealer or vendor EVER ask my opinion about anything. (Of course, much of that time was before social media and email communications.)

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