1947 Douglas T35S

Much like some Moto Guzzis from the pre-World War II era, at first glance there’s nothing special about the design of this Douglas. A closer look at Douglas motorcycles reveals all sorts of interesting technology and design. Douglas, a brand not widely imported into America, innovated well beyond the "big three" British manufacturers. Some Read more

2001 Indian Chief “Centennial”

Indian as a motorcycle brand dates back to the 1901 launch of the first Indian motorcycle by George Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom in Springfield, Massachusetts. The machine’s origins are a bicycle racing pacer engineered by Hedstrom and some creative marketing thinking by Hendee. Hedstrom was building pacer motorcycles. Hendee felt it could be more Read more

1961 Cushman Eagle

Cousins Everett and Clinton Cushman began building engines in 1901. Early power-plants were branded the Husky. Over the years these engines powered lawn mowers, race boats, plows, pumps and more.  But the Cushman Motor Works of Omaha, Nebraska, which came along later in the lives of the Cushman brothers, also established a good reputation by building Read more

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