3rd Annual Fallen Officers Memorial Race

The National Motorcycle Museum is very excited to help spread the word about the Iowa C.O.P.S. 3rd Annual Fallen Officers Memorial Race.  This event helps to provide support for the survivors of fallen law enforcement officers and is another way that the Iowa C.O.P.S. chapter can help to meet that need.  See below:

“The 3rd Annual Fallen Officers Memorial Race will take place August 8th and 9th, 2012, during Knoxville Nationals in Knoxville, IA. This race features some of the best Legend Car drivers from across the country who will once again gather to race and raise funds and awareness for Concerns of Police Survivors.

This event was started in honor of officer and fellow racer, Danny Martinez who was killed in 2007. In remembrance of all the officers killed in the line of duty, each driver carries the name of a fallen police officer from their home state. This becomes a very personal connection with each racer as we represent the officer as well as the family that is a part of their lives.”


Please see the Iowa C.O.P.S. website for more info: