2013 Bike Giveaway Rules and Regulations

Note: We will confirm your on-line ticket purchase via an email which will list your actual ticket number(s). Your ticket(s) will be put into the drum with other entries, but your actual ticket stubs will not be sent to you.

NATIONAL MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM 2013 Victory Cross Country – Fundraiser Rules and Regulations

This motorcycle fundraiser is conducted by the National Motorcycle Museum (Museum) of Anamosa, Iowa. All proceeds
from the entries will benefit the Museum, a 501 (c)(3) organization chartered by the State of Iowa.

1. ELIGIBILITY: You must be 18 years of age to enter, a resident of the United States of America and otherwise qualify under the laws of the State of Iowa. However, Iowa law permits Iowa residents of any age to enter. Paid employees of the National Motorcycle Museum and their spouse and children, Board Members of the National Motorcycle Museum and their spouse and children are not eligible to enter. Nor are the staff and families of those organizations sponsoring or creating the 2013 Victory Cross Country motorcycle given as the Grand Prize eligible to enter.

2. FUNDRAISER DONATIONS: Each entry is available for a donation of $5. Up to and including 5 entries are priced at $5 each. If the purchaser wishes, he or she may purchase six (6) entries for $25. Multiple increments of six entries are available as well, 24 entries for $100 for example. No additional multi entry purchase discounts will be offered. There is no maximum number of entries an individual may purchase. Only official donation entries will be accepted. There is no limit to how many total entries the National Motorcycle Museum can print and sell. Odds of winning are determined only by the total number of entries sold. Entries are available by mail. Send your request and donation amount by personal check or money order in United States Funds to: National Motorcycle Museum Raffle, P.O. Box 405, Anamosa, IA 52205. To use a debit card, please call the Museum. Entries may also be purchased at the Museum in Anamosa, Iowa, and at certain events at which the Museum is present. Entries may be purchased online at the Museum’s website with an electronic check www.nationalmcmuseum.org. We will confirm your on-line ticket purchase via an email which will list your actual ticket number(s). Your ticket(s) will be put into the drum with other entries, but your actual ticket stubs will not be sent to you. Iowa law prohibits donations for entries with any credit device such as a credit card. The Museum is not responsible for entries that arrive late, become lost in transit or are subject to postage due. Iowa state sales tax is included at the time of entry purchase. Laws vary, but typically donations for entries are not tax deductible. Please consult your tax counsel for details.

3. ENTRY SCHEDULE: This fundraiser commenced on January 1, 2013 when entries were promoted and then became available. All electronic entries, on the Museum website, must received at the Museum by December 20, 2013. All onsite purchases and mailed entries must be received at the Museum by noon, December 20, 2013. The random drawing for the 2013 Victory Cross Country will be held at approximately 2 p.m., Friday, December 31, 2013 and all decisions are final. The winner will be drawn by a person independent of the National Motorcycle Museum witnessed by the Museum Director and staff on hand that day. The person drawing the name shall have been sworn in to the task by an attorney at law. Three tickets will be drawn with the first being duly noted and marked No. 1 as the winner with alternates No. 2 and No. 3. The winner will be contacted by telephone, e-mail and/or USPS mail as to his or her winnings immediately after the drawing. The winner’s name will be published on the Museum website and in the Museum newsletter. If the winner cannot be reached initially, efforts to contact will continue for 30 days. Should the winner for any reason be deemed ineligible to participate or win or claim the prize, the prize will be awarded to the first alternate, marked No. 2. Should the second alternate not be eligible, the prize will go to the purchaser of the third ticket drawn marked No. 3.

4. GRAND PRIZE: The Grand Prize is a 2013 Victory Cross Country customized by Cory Ness as described on the Museum website and in materials supplied to Museum supporters through the mail and at events at which the Museum may choose to display. The approximate value of the motorcycle is $29,000. There is only one prize in this raffle, the 2013 Victory Cross Country.

5. RECEIPT OF PRIZE: The winner agrees to arrange for removal of the Grand Prize by March 31, 2014. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of the Grand Prize which will then be awarded to alternate ticket holder, No. 2, then No. 3. The winner is responsible for transportation and delivery of the Grand Prize Motorcycle. The winner is responsible for any applicable taxes and fees including state and federal income tax where applicable. Appropriate IRS documents will be supplied to the winner by the Museum and winner agrees to supply necessary information for this purpose. Winner agrees to supply for no additional compensation his or her name, hometown and likeness on request of the Museum to be used as part of the effort to announce the winner to Museum supporters, entrants and interested parties reading Museum promotional materials and the Museum website.

6. ENTRY LAWS: The fundraiser is subject to all applicable laws, state or federal and is void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. Entrants to this fundraiser are responsible for compliance with all such laws and regulations based on their age, place of residence, etc. The winner of the Grand Prize Motorcycle releases the National Motorcycle Museum, its staff and Board of Directors as well as any related project sponsors and builders from any responsibility or liability in connection with any loss, accident or death incurred with the use of this prize. For U.S. citizens only.

7. NOTICE OF WINNER: The Museum will announce the winner via its various newsletters, website and through distribution of a news release to numerous suitable publications and websites. Or for the name of the winner you may supply to the Museum a self addressed and posted No. 10 envelope. The Museum address is: National Motorcycle Museum, PO Box 405, Anamosa, IA 52205.

8. ENTRY RULES: It is the Museum’s right to amend, revise and interpret the rules as it may see fit. It is expected that by donating money for a ticket, entrants will hold to the rules of entering as presented here. Complete rules are available from the National Motorcycle Museum at events where the museum is present and at the National Motorcycle Museum’s website www.nationalmcmuseum.org.


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  1. Ray Bellamy

    Do you have a estimate on how much taxes you would have to pay if you win? Thanks.

    1. Ryan

      You’d have to claim the value of the bike on your income tax. So add $29,000 to your annual income, and then figure your taxes out. A lot of variables come in to play on that so every ones tax liability is not always the same.

  2. Armand

    Sure is a bummer that you have to be a U.S resident.
    I am from Canada and would have no problem donating for a chance to win a sweet ride like that.

    Hopefully that is fixed soon

    1. Shane

      I agree with Armand pity you don’t allow Canadians to enter

      1. Jim Wohlgemuth

        That makes at least three of us Canadians feeling left out.

        1. Raz

          Yes my friends, here is another canadian (Me) missing out. It’s a shame.

      2. Jim Wohlgemuth

        That makes at least three of us Canadians feeling left out.

        1. Jeff Sullivan

          make that 4.
          Fortress America strikes again!

  3. BobbyB

    How many tickets were sold for last years raffle?
    $5 isn’t bad, but if 1 million tickets are sold not sure I want to enter.

    1. Morgan

      I agree with BobbyB

      How many tickets are being sold?

      50k to 1 odds?

    2. Dorene

      A museum is benefiting.

  4. Glen Pannell

    Everybody seems concerned with how much taxes they would have to pay if they won. I personally would like to win, but it is where my money is going means more. It’s the national motorcycle museum. I ride and love being around bikes. Museums make money off of donations to survive. If I win the bike or not, I still feel like a winner.


    I guess we don’t buy any victorys up here in Canada , since we can’t even participate in raising $ for a museum that as bikers we’re all involved in. No ticket to buy- no come to museum ? I guess !

    1. mike


    2. Ryan

      I live in Canada as well and I would love to win a new Victory, especially since we have no prize taxes here. We have to pay tax if we win in Vegas or something but all we do is fill out a paper and we get every penny back. I have received about 15 emails reguarding this draw. Yes I would like to buy a few tickets. We are building a motorcycle museum here in the Windsor area and I buy tickets every draw for it and I am happy that my money is going to something I can go enjoy even if I didn’t win a bike. I think it is very unfair that we can buy all we want from J&P and whoever else but to get emails saying buy a ticket, oh never mind , not you.C’mon guys!

  6. ricardo otero

    can i participate from puerto rico

    1. BlackVTX

      I would like to know also

  7. Glenn Thomas sr

    I love own this Bike

  8. Don Campbell

    I would love to own this bike, If I win I will sell my Raider and ride this beauty.

  9. Pedro

    I love this maching

  10. Geoff

    If I cant win the bike cause I am not an American resident then I guess I am not allowed into the Museum either. Our Australian Soldiers can go and help you to Victory in Iraq and that other dust bowl not worth mentioning, let alone fighting for but how dare we even think for a second that any one of us Aussies can win your precious “Ness” Victory bike. I guess the Museum is off my “what to see” list when I am over there in August.

    1. Geoff

      Will you take my money if I make a donation?? It’s Australian Dollars..!! oh no.. not Australian dollars… unclean… not the right colour.. (and yes we spell Colour with a “U”) And Aluminium with an extra “I” but that’s beside the point right now…

      1. Geoff

        And we dont spell Machine with a “G” in it….

        1. Geoff

          Somebody stop me…. No I’m Spartacus

          1. Ryan

            Do me a favor eh Geoff, don’t stop-I got a good laugh. I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada-right across the ditch from Detroit. We can’t even use our money at a corner store. Our money is all different colours and even has see through plastic strips on the bills, plus we have coins for $1 and $2 denominations, that seems to really mess them up. When I was younger I went to the bars over in Detroit and I’ve probably lost about $250 at least because everything looks the same! They think we are weird and yes it is COLOUR. Have a good day eh!

    2. Mel

      Agree with you Geoff 100%. Have cousin & friend living in Idaho. Was planning to go visit him in near foture and drop in at the museum on the way. Fat chance now.

  11. Barry Dardar

    very nice bike love to have sitting in my garage it would sure be pretty..’

  12. Tanya

    Every sweet ass bike love color u don’t them color that much I hope I win it love to take her on a long sweet ride.

  13. Tanya

    Sweet bike like the colors it is a sweet bike I love how free u fill when it is just u you your bike and road like every thing around you goses away you don’t care about any thing else’s why going down the road on ur sweet bike

  14. Tanya

    Love the bike


    Sounds like a bunch of crybabies on hear. If I were to win this bike I would pay the taxes and laugh about it.

    1. Geoff

      Hey Shoeman… HEAR ??? Dont you mean HERE….

      Cry Babies on HERE…. I can HEAR all the cry babies on HERE… now do you get it Shoe Buddy…?? can you HEAR what I am saying on HERE…. No, I’m SPARTACUS

  16. how to win tattslotto

    You realize thus considerably in terms of this matter, made me personally consider it from a lot of numerous angles. Its like women and men are not interested unless it is one thing to accomplish with Girl gaga! Your individual stuffs excellent. Always take care of it up!

    1. Ryan

      Uhm, are you a lawyer or just have some really good bud?

  17. jerry w nowlun jr

    Be a dream come true to win something looks that sweet

  18. Rocky Hoery

    On April 6, 2013 I sent a check #3614, Wells Fargo NA to the National Motorcycle Museum for $25.00 for entry into the 2013 Arlen Ness Victory Cross Country Motorcycle Raffle. Several weeks ago I received five tickets with mail in stubs to send back to the National Motorcycle Museum. Since I had already sent $25.00 for the chances, I filled out the information on the tickets and mailed the stubs back to the National Motorcycle Museum. On July 17, 2013 the National Motorcycle Museum mailed a letter with my stubs stating they had not received payment with the stubs. I need a clarification. I had already mailed a check for $25.00 to the National Motorcycle Museum for entry into the raffle. What happened to my check and why did the National Motorcycle Museum accept my stubs when I mailed them?
    Robert N. Hoery (As name appears on my checks)

  19. Zachary

    I was under the impression and taught at a very young age that all contests in America (federal law) must have a “no purchase necessary” clause and anyone can apply to win without making a purchase. If that is the case, why are you forcing a donation for a contest, or where can I submit myself to the contest without providing a donation?

    1. Jason Strickland

      Raffles held by charitable organizations such as a museum, school, or non profit are exempt. This is not a contest. It is a raffle. You pay for the ticket, not the prize.

  20. Robert Centro

    Beautiful bike. Very good cause if you love motorcycles. People, Please!, Do Not write anything on this page that glaringly shows your ignorance, greed, stupidity and incredibly poor grammar! I Love the fact I have a chance, however small, to WIN an incredibly cool VICTORY…. And donate to a cause I appreciate! End of story! STFU & buy a ticket or move on!
    God bless serious riders, one & all!!! Keep the shiny side up & roll on!
    Rob Centro

  21. Robert Centro

    Beautiful bike. Very good cause if you love motorcycles. People, Please!, Do Not write anything on this page that glaringly shows your ignorance, greed, stupidity and incredibly poor grammar! I Love the fact I have a chance, however small, to WIN an incredibly cool VICTORY…. And donate to a cause I appreciate! End of story! STFU & buy a ticket or move on!
    God bless serious riders, one & all!!! Keep the shiny side up & roll on!
    Rob Centro

    1. Geoff

      Come on Robert Buddy… “ONE AND ALL” ??? Serious riders one and all…?? as long as your from good old US of A.I guess.. get over yourself..

  22. Patty

    It is a great cause. I ride for charities all summer long. I believe in giving back and love riding with other like minded people. I currently ride a 2012 Victory Crossroads, traded my Harley for it, LOVE IT!! It is a dream ride, I could sleep on my baby. I would love to have another Victory especially an orange one, my favorite color. The dealer I bought my bike from is small, in my town ad i like to support local businesses, so they only carry a few bikes in their showroom. I would have lovd a diffeent color bike, perhaps red or orange but I ended up with black. BUT the color is nothing compared to the ride, I am a Victory Girl, I have crossed over..:) Enjoy riding everyone.

  23. Laura

    I live in Canada I would have no problem donating..oh well :(

  24. Jim Bell

    Why do people from other country’s complain about not being able to purchase tickets ? I don’t remember them offering me a chance to buy tickets on anything from there country????????

  25. Duane

    I’m originally from Anamosa Iowa, but I spend my winters in the Philippines. Would be awesome to win this nice little treasure. However I will not return to Anamosa until mid May, which makes it difficult to pickup or fill out additional documents. The last thing I won in Anamosa was at the annual Pumpkinfest, but I left before I could find out what I had won in the raffle. Remember the main purpose of these raffles it is a donation. The tax issue is not the blame of J & P Cycle but IRS. Pretty awesome you can select what method you wish to enter, most of all you need not be present to win.

    Happy Holidays to all my whores and bitches…

  26. Dan

    I was planning to buy a half dozen tickets, but at checkout the only options appeared to be using bank account information (sorry, no way!), or mailing it in. Is there really no Paypal or credit card option, or did I miss it?

    1. cush

      As per Iowa Section 99B.17 we can only accept personal checks, money orders, or electronic checks for entry donations. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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