1906 Curtiss Twin

Known as the “Father of Naval Aviation” and “the fastest man alive” Glenn Hammond Curtiss was a pioneer motorcycle and aeronautic inventor. This Curtiss uses a seven horsepower v-twin. It is a lightweight, powerful motor proven in dirigible aircraft. One feature unique to Curtiss at the time was the all-roller-bearing crankcase, for smoother Read more

1956 BSA Gold Star DBD34 Clubman Road Racer

The BSA Gold Star is the epitome of the fast and nimble British single, one of the original "sport bikes" adaptable to many forms of competition. BSA’s famous Gold Star line of motorcycles was named after Wal Handley’s BSA 500cc "Empire Star" was awarded a gold star medallion in 1937 at the famous Brooklands Race track due to its top speed Read more

1953 Indian Chief

The Indian Chief is a proven American Classic, a very lasting design which has always epitomized the Indian brand. Indian released the Indian Chief in 1922, twenty years after they began manufacturing. It is probably their most widely known design, famous for the streamlined skirted fenders and fuel and oil tanks it received in 1940. Chiefs Read more

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