Vintage Rally 2015; Wet & Wild, Still a Great Time

In its fifth year, Vintage Rally is a great once a year opportunity to be the first to see some new exhibits and enjoy some interesting special guests.    NEW EXHIBITS: After about eight months preparation, Vintage Rally visitor were the first to see the new exhibit Allstate Motorcycle CHOPPER STORY presented by J&P Cycles. Over Read more

Riding In Hot Weather

Keeping Cool On Your Bike Being a year-round rider, I’ve encountered my fair share of both hot and cold weather conditions. Since riding with full protective gear, or ATGATT (all the gear all the time), is always the best option for safety, I have learned how to keep cool properly while riding in hot weather.   The Science of Sweat Your Read more

Mary McGee, Motorcycle and Car Racer to Speak at Vintage Rally

Mary's motorcycling career began on a Triumph Cub, the little 200 that could be dirt tracked, road raced or trials ridden. Soon she was road racing the 125cc twin Honda CB92, a pretty tricked out one given the photos, attached. After racing european sports cars for a few years, Steve McQueen suggested to Mary that she try desert racing...on motorcycles. Read more

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