1917 Triumph Model H

The Triumph Company Limited got its start in England around the same time Ford Motor Company, Indian Motorcycle Company and the Harley-Davidson Motor Company were being formed in America. In 1902 Triumph launched its first motorcycle, a 2.25 horsepower lightweight machine. For the first few years the engine was sourced from a Belgian manufacturer. With Read more

1966 Honda CB160 Sport

The Honda CB160 Sport hit showrooms in 1965 about six years after Honda began exporting motorcycles to the United States. It followed the pressed steel framed 125cc CA92 and 150cc CA95 but used the tubular steel frame like the already successful CB72 and CB77 launched in 1961. Honda’s GP bikes used a similar engine-as-stressed-member frame design. Most Read more

1901 Thomas Auto-Bi

The Thomas Auto-Bi used a relatively large for the time, 11 cubic inch, or about 180cc, engine that made about 2.5 horsepower. The design used an atmospheric intake valve, a rather large, complex carburetor and cam operated exhaust valve. Drive was by belt and the Auto-Bi could reach about 35 miles per hour. This Thomas is built around a Pierce bicycle, Read more

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