1972 Honda CB500 Road Racer Designed After Dick Mann’s 1970 Honda Racer

The four, five and six cylinder Honda Grand Prix road racing motorcycles of the 1960’s have a classic, very attractive look. The transverse engine, four carburetors and megaphones, graceful “dolphin fairing” and decked seat are parts of the successful visual package, the look of the machines that put champions like Mike Hailwood on the podium. Read more

John Parham 1954-2017 – Celebration of Life

The motorcycling community has lost one of its most passionate, considerate, entrepreneurial and successful people and he will be greatly missed. John Parham dedicated most of his life to motorcycling and to his wife Jill. With passion and perseverance, through tough times and success, together they created J&P Cycles in 1979 and helped motorcyclists Read more

Malcolm Smith’s 1973 Husqvarna 450 Desert Master

Husqvarna (HOOSK-var-na) is a Swedish manufacturer founded in 1689, over three centuries ago. Originally specializing in armaments, they began making motorcycles just after the turn of the 19th Century, about the same time Ford and Harley-Davidson launched their manufacturing companies. As a development rider and top flight racer, the famous Read more

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