RoaDog Lives at the National Motorcycle Museum

Looking through the 120+ year history of motorcycle design, with hundreds of different brands, probably thousands of unique offerings, you'd think everyone could find what they want. But unsatisfied, some riders still feel the need to venture into custom bike building. William "Wild Bill" Gelbke was one of those who needed more, bigger and different Read more

Cushman Golden Cadillac Ice Cream Scooter

"If only that motorcycle could talk," is a thought not uncommon among enthusiasts for old motorcycles and cars. In a way sometimes they can in that sometimes their owners are still around, able to explain a few things as with the Cushman Scooter pictured here. Museum President John Parham discovered the Cushman would be up for sale at Mid-America, now Read more

1939 Indian Dispatch-Tow

Motorcycle manufacturers have always sought to expand their markets, and special designs for commercial use can add to sales. Decades ago, author Harry Sucher related a great story on how Indian solved a car dealer's problem, and got themselves into the "three-wheeler" business. “The Springfield, Massachusetts dealer Packard Motor Service of Allen Read more

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