What We Race On: A Short History of Race Track Surfaces

Concrete? Macadam? Wood? Brick? Dirt?  Such were the choices of a motorcycle or automobile race track builder before 1910. Over time each medium was tried, and each had its advantages and shortcomings. To this day track owners wrestle with best ways to maintain dirt tracks, pave and maintain their hard surface race tracks, but here's a quick Read more

Chief Blackhawk Antique Motorcycle Club Renews Sponsorship Support of Museum’s “Motorcycle Shop” Exhibition.

Anyone serious about old motorcycles has at least heard of the "Davenport" swap meet in eastern Iowa every Labor Day weekend. And most would agree it's one of America's largest and finest meets if you're looking for parts or information for about any motorcycle pre-1975, or want to watch some great vintage dirt track racing. But the Chief Blackhawk Read more

Featured Rider: Vaughn Beals

There are many "what-ifs" that apply to the motorcycle industry. What if the crash of 1929 had never happened? What if more motorcycle manufacturers survived the recessions, Great Depression, World Wars? After Indian closed its doors in 1953, Harley-Davidson was the only remaining American motorcycle manufacturer. What if a guy like Vaughn Read more

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