1947 Salsbury Model 85 Standard

The Salsbury Model 85 is possibly the coolest, most inventive and trend setting of American scooters. It offers great streamlined style, but with its variable speed drive*, remarkable performance as well. The featured Salsbury is a Standard, but a DeLuxe was also produced in small numbers. It featured a more enclosed fairing, recessed headlamp and Read more

1937 Brough (pronounced like “bruff”) Superior SS80

Elegance, performance and limited production are what have made Brough (pronounced like "bruff") motorcycles world renowned as the best out of England and Europe before World War II; most would say they were the best in the world at the time. George Brough, the son of W.E. Brough, raced his father's motorcycles, then went on to make his own, eventually Read more

1965 Honda Super Hawk

In the late 1950's Soichiro Honda and his engineers stopped borrowing from other motorcycle designers and made a totally unique overhead cam parallel twin 247cc engine. Initially this engine went into a pressed steel frame similar to those used on NSU motorcycles, later morphed into the Honda CA72 Dream 250 in several iterations. But in 1961 the Honda Read more

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