1909 Thor X1-03

Founded in 1903 as a manufacturer of bicycles and motorcycles, Thor was a company within Aurora Automatic Machinery Company in Aurora, Illinois. While over time making a wide range of machines and home appliances, they were noted as the company that made the first Hedstrom-designed engines for Indian Motorcycle Company. Thor gathered steam around Read more

Charlie’s Chopper, Featured Motorcycle

  When Charlie Gilmore set out to build a chopper, there wasn’t much competition for suitable donor parts, as nobody else in Georgia had built one. He moonlighted at a Harley-Davidson shop while still a prosecuting attorney in the Army, and found a ’68 FLH Shovelhead motor leaning against a wall in a corner of the shop. It bore Read more

Chief Blackhawk Antique Motorcycle Club 44th Annual Swap Meet, Thursday September 3 – Saturday September 5, Davenport, Iowa

Some just call it "Davenport," but almost everyone says it's one of the best places to go for antique and vintage bikes, parts and knowledge related to motorcycles from anywhere on the globe. Acres of swap meet spaces from some of the foremost collectors and vendors plus the new indoor exhibits for museum displays and those providing specialized Read more

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