1915 Harley-Davidson Twin with Factory Sidecar

By 1915 Harley-Davidson had their 61 cubic inch V-Twin design perfected and at 11 horsepower* found it powerful enough to pull a sidecar and passenger. As early as 1905 Indian had experimented with a three wheel layout, two wheels in front with seating between, the “forecar", but this design was soon abandoned. Harley made several similar Read more

1914 Merz Cycle Car

By 1914 horse drawn transportation was fading and internal combustion, some electric and steam were the “horse power” of the day. The field was still wide open for inventors with great expansion of automobile and motorcycle designs. In between were “cycle cars,” lightweight, two passenger side by side or tandem seating cars which used large Read more

1982 Ducati Mike Hailwood Replica

Riding a race prepped Ducati 900SS, after a seven year hiatus from motorcycle road racing, 11 years from his last Isle of Man race, on June 3, 1978 Mike Hailwood went back onto the Isle of Man TT mountain course and won! By 1978 the Japanese manufacturers were turning out new and sophisticated designs, some DOHC four cylinders. So it’s amazing Read more

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